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XV - International Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights
“Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan-2020”
“People and Disasters: How to Prevent Risks from Becoming Disasters?”


I would like to welcome all fans of the "Bir Duino" Festival! We started this tradition in October 2007. In 2020, we will together organize and conduct the 14-th Festival, celebrating the promotion of 30 Articles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 17 Articles of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We organize this annual Festival in the format of "Art and Human Rights" with a number of new talented young partners and mentors with extensive experience. We grow together and move towards the dream that our Kyrgyzstan will become a constitutional, sovereign and developed country on the Great Silk Road.

The year of 2020 brought us all a lot of concerns and emotional upheavals. During the pandemic, it was active citizens who became key actors in ensuring security, rapid and effective assistance, both in the cities and to communities across the regions. It was they, who initiated new horizontal volunteer networks and demonstrated the strength of civic courage and activism by helping people. 


Tolekan Ismailova,

Director of the International Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights "Bir Duyno-One World, Kyrgyzstan".

Civil society in Kyrgyzstan has demonstrated to the world its civic responsibility and commitment to universal values, promotion of human rights and freedoms, intolerance to deception of authorities, corruption and impunity of officials, who violate freedoms and rights of citizens belonging to more than 80 ethnic groups. During the most difficult challenges, citizens found strength and inspiration to help and support each other, to contribute to the reforms and sustainable development of our country.  

The Theme and Mission of the Fest-2020 is unique. Through the documentary films, joint discussions and sharing of best practices with talented filmmakers and leading experts on human rights, gender equality and environmental security, we will be able to come up with unique recommendations and solutions to address systemic risks and conflicts. Together with new leaders, we will be able to draw a map of risk and conflict prevention at the national and regional levels, develop an advocacy strategy at the international level for Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian countries. Access to clean water and safe food, harmony and a favorable environment are very important for each one of us, both for ensuring quality of life and for effective promotion of reforms by addressing and preventing risks and conflicts.

We will watch and discuss all Fest-2020 documentaries in TV1 online format. Experts from the International Federation for Human Rights (Paris), the Global Network for Risk and Disaster Prevention, Gender and Peacebuilding Experts of the Civic Platform for Solidarity, the International Women's Coalition for Partnership, Peace and Development will join a great team of experts from Central Asian countries to discuss problems, challenges and risks together.

We are always looking for new leaders, new innovative ideas and are waiting for new young directors, film critics and documentary filmmakers. We are building various creative bridges, workshops, civil platforms using the "bottom-up" approach.
People express their opinions, participate in discussions, to ensure that the needs and concerns of citizens are reflected in the new reform programs of the country, that authorities are responsive and flexible and work alongside citizens, under the civic control with equal access to policies and resources!

We are citizens! Together for positive changes in Kyrgyzstan!

The Organizing Committee of Fest-2020 would like to express its gratitude to all spectators, all fans of the "Bir Duino" Festival, expert community, partners and donors who supported the organization and holding of the 14th Festival at this difficult time.
United We Stand!




The International Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights “Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan-2020” will be focused on the theme: 

People and Disasters: How to Prevent Risks from Becoming Disasters
Disaster risk reduction is not only a matter of surviving a disaster, it also means developing the ability of citizens to manage their risks in a way that protects them from harm and improves their quality of life. 

States that have joined the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030  recognize that progress depends on the general civil approach which should involve key stakeholders, including women, persons with disabilities, children and youth, older persons, ethnic groups, the private sector and civil society in all its diversity. 


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