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They Also Had Dreams. Stories of Dagestani Women 

Они тоже мечтали/They Also Had Dreams/Алар дагы кыялданышкан
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Alexander Feodorov

Country: Russia 


Language: English/
kyrgyz, russian subtitles

Time: 68:00

Athor: Alexander Fedorov

Traditionally, women in Dagestan do the most difficult housework. From the age of 12 until they get old, women mow grass, carry bales of hay and water from the river on their backs, they work in salterns. Men traditionally do not do those kinds of work. Even seriously ill women do not stop working and doing household chores. The documentary is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Aishat Magomedova, founder of the “Charitable Hospital for Women” in Makhachkala and a nominee for the Nobel. 

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